Goldsmiths, University of London.

Role: Design, Branding, Photography, Print.


Flyers designed in keeping with the 'One Goldsmiths' campaign aesthetic to promote becoming a student ambassador on campus. Flyers sized a6 and distributed around campus.
4 posters designed in keeping with the 'One Goldsmiths' campaign aesthetic to promote becoming a student ambassador on campus. Posters sized A2 and distributed around Goldsmiths campus.
Signs for the open day in the style of the One Goldsmiths Campaign.
Booklet produced for the Goldsmiths and OCN Partnership agreement in the academic year of 2018-2019.

Do Hyun Baek - Artist.

Role: Design, Branding, Photography, Website, Print.


Photography /Documentation for artwork 'Lot's Wife'. Photography used for website, A6 booklets, business cards and website.
Available to view at
A6 Booklets made for artwork 'Lot's Wife' by Do Hyun Baek. Full colour print on 250gsm silk paper for the front and back cover and 150gsm silk for the remaining pages. All finished with smooth matt lamination.  
Business cards made for the artist Do Hyun Baek. Full colour print with Matt Finish on both sides. 
Website made for the artist Do Hyun Baek. 
Website available at

Anti Septic + Uncle Eclectic 

Group Exhibition of 12 Artists in Laurie Grove Baths, Small pools.

Role: Organiser, Co-Curator, Contributor of work. 


Documentation of show for Portfolio and Reference. 
Artists featured in pictures above and in the show: 
Nathan Wheelwright, Phoebe Evans-Clarke, Emma Wong, Harry Plomer, Kirsty Felix, Beth Jeanes, Heidi Pearce, Lucia Coppola, Hallam Wood, Lucinda Perkins, Callum Eaton and Lynn Chang.

Goldsmiths Christian Union Presents: Story Slam

Slam Poetry Night held in the New Cross House Pub. 

Role: Co-Organiser, Publicises, Creating Content for Publicity inc. Posters, Fliers, Social Media Campaign.


Brand, Posters and Flyers made for the publicity of the event. A2, A3 and A4 Posters put up around various different locations at Goldsmiths University, with double sided, full coloured, matt A6 printed flyers. 
Various photos of the event taken by iphone camera for the Social Media accounts. 
Instagram: @gold_CU
Story text font in Square Image format for Instagram Promotion.
Instagram: @gold_CU

Story London 2018

Story is a week of events across London universities, exploring stories of life, meaning, and faith. Held in the historic All Souls Church, Langham Place in central London.

Role: Co-Leader/Co-Creative Director of the Social Media Campaign (This would include: Giving a visual tone for the whole campaign, creating content for the social media profiles, live streaming the events, creating Facebook pages for the events during the week and so forth.)

For full details on the project and more examples of the work email


Social Media campaign photos in square format of the letters 'STORY' around different London University Campuses and popular London locations.
Instagram: @StoryLondon2018
Instagram and Facebook promotional images in square format. Each photo would be accompanied with the individual (in the photo) story of coming to university. 
Instagram: @StoryLondon2018
Instagram Story Graphics for the build up to the event. The graphics would change everyday in the build up to the event and during.
Instagram: @StoryLondon2018
Promotional image for the announcement of Tuesday night guest speaker.
Instagram: @StoryLondon2018

Goldsmiths International Cafe

Branding project for the Goldsmiths International Cafe. International Cafe is a Goldsmiths University Society which aims to bring international students together to create friendships. 

Role: Creating Brand Image for the Society. This would include Logo, Visual tone, Various Posters and Flyers, Social Media Images, Banners and so forth. 


International Cafe Logo with Facebook and Instagram icons at the bottom. 
Logo to be used on all publicity of events and the society. 
Tote bag design for Goldsmiths Freshers Fair 2017.
Two flyer designs for the opening of the society in September 2017. 
Printed on A6 Full Colour Matt paper to be distributed around Goldsmiths University.